Party Planner: Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

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Surprise someone special on Mother’s Day with a leisurely breakfast in bed — it’s the perfect way to treat someone you love. Our easy menu stars cozy homemade waffles topped with a seasonal fruit compote, plus a frittata filled with fresh herbs. Serve it on a stylish breakfast tray, and raise a glass to spring.




A special occasion calls for a festive drink, like our white peach bellini, which tastes fresh and looks lovely. Dress up classic waffles with a strawberry-rhubarb compote for a nod to spring, and serve them alongside a frittata filled with bright herbs, leeks and nutty cheese.


For a hearty side dish, try our apple and sausage patties — they’re simple to prepare. Pair with parfaits of fresh fruit and yogurt, including mom’s favorite fruits to make it feel personal.


Party Planner: Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed


Party Planner


  • 1 to 2 days ahead: Prepare the compote for the waffles. Mix the sausage patties and refrigerate. Make the base for the bellinis and chill.
  • Just before serving: Assemble the parfaits. Make the waffles and keep warm until ready to serve. Make the frittata and cook the sausage patties. Finish bellinis with sparkling wine and toast to mom!


Serve the meal on a simple, stylish tray you can bring right into the bedroom. There’s plenty of room for a full plate, plus a heartfelt note and even a bud vase of flowers.


Don’t forget coffee! We love the casual intimacy of serving coffee right from a French press in Mom’s favorite mug. (If she doesn’t have one, a Le Creuset mug will be an instant classic.)


Create a beautiful presentation with pretty patterned dinnerware, layered on classic white pieces. Pair with linens in complementary colors for a breakfast worthy of the wonderful women in your life.

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