Party Planner: Snow Day

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It’s cold out there!  Cozy up inside with your friends and family and share a warm, savory dinner to shake off the chill. Our menu is full of new twists on classic comfort foods like chili and corn bread, perfect for a snowy evening at home (or even a winter weekend getaway).


The Menu

Make your main course something steamy and satisfying. This sweet potato and black bean chili is meat-free but hearty enough for omnivores, plus it’s chock-full of colorful and nutritious ingredients. (Bonus: it comes together quickly, so no need to plan ahead!)


Nothing soaks up chili as well as hearty, slightly sweet corn bread. We love these mini corn breads filled with gooey fontina cheese—they’re baked in a muffin pan for easy baking and serving. On the side, serve a simple green salad with a tangy mustard vinaigrette.


Most of us have memories of toasting marshmallows over an open fire and making s’mores. Even if you’re not using your fireplace, you can still enjoy this nostalgic treat—bake a batch of these s’mores brownies and pour a mug of hot chocolate for sipping.


Party Planner: Snow Day!

The Party Planner


  • 1 day ahead: Make the brownies, cool, cover and keep at room temperature overnight.
  • Day of: Make the chili and/or the soup (if you make it ahead, bring to room temperature, cover and refrigerate; reheat on the stovetop before serving). Make the corn bread; these can also be reheated before serving, if necessary.
  • Just before serving: Make the salad. Reheat the chili, soup and corn bread, if necessary. Make the hot chocolate.


Party Planner: Snow Day!Any chili or soup begs for a toppings bar. Set out sliced avocado, shredded cheese, yogurt or sour cream, and chopped herbs and let everyone customize their own bowls. Serve the corn bread in a napkin-lined basket that’s easy to pass around the table.


For adults, offer a dark beer in mugs or a bold, medium-bodied red wine; check out our Williams-Sonoma Wine Shop for picks. Or, go one step further and make Snow Day cocktails for the adults.


Serve straight from the pot. Simmer your stews in a colorful Dutch oven, and it can go right to the table—just don’t forget a trivet.





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  2. Laila Keirstead

    That actually looks really fun to do on a snow day. We had a snow day party once when there was a lot of snow one day. It was really fun because everyone brought something hot to eat and we also went outside to play in the snow for a bit.


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