Party Planner: Summer Seafood Fest

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Party Planner: Summer Seafood Fest

Welcome the long, warm days of summer with a meal inspired by the shore. Our menu has all of the classics: simple grilled shrimp and fresh, sweet lobster rolls, plus potatoes and pickles for snacking on the side. Set a casual table outside, sip a cold beer, and savor the sunshine.




Start with simply seasoned shrimp, cooked on a hot grill in their shells, with a silky aioli for dipping. For the main course, you can’t go wrong with a New England-style lobster roll, stuffed with plenty of sweet lobster meat. Paired with bread and butter pickles, buttermilk coleslaw and hand-cut french fries, it’s a summer revelation. End the meal with classic strawberry shortcakes, filled with sweet, juicy berries and a dollop of whipped cream.


Party Planner: Summer Seafood Fest


Party Planner


  • 2 weeks ahead: Make the pickles.
  • 1 day ahead: Make the coleslaw, cover and refrigerate.
  • Day of: Toss strawberries with sugar for the dessert, cover and refrigerate. Cook the lobster meat, combine with mayonnaise, lemon juice and herbs, and refrigerate. Fry the french fries and place on paper towel-lined trays or platters for up to 2 hours. Make the dough for the shortcakes and refrigerate.
  • Just before serving: Grill the shrimp. Finish the lobster rolls and reheat the french fries in hot oil. Finish the strawberry shortcakes.


Party Planner: Summer Seafood FestYes, you can make an amazing lobster roll — even if you’re not in Maine. Learn how with these tips from the team at Luke’s Lobster. For pretty serving, wrap the sandwiches in parchment paper and tie with twine, then place them on a wooden board.


Make even the most casual meals feel special with the right serveware and dinnerware. Our colorful La Med and Rustic melamine collections look like hand-pained earthenware, but they’re durable enough for outdoor gatherings — perfect for an alfresco feast.


A cold, light beer hits the spot with grilled seafood and fries. Our Duraclear glasses are great for beer and cocktails (and like the melamine dinnerweare, they’re shatterproof).


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