Party Snack Inspiration: Mini Pocket Pies

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This post comes courtesy of Emily Wann, a member of Williams-Sonoma’s merchandising team. 


One of my favorite new Williams-Sonoma products in 2011 were the Mini Pocket Pie Molds; I love the sweet shapes and bite-size convenience. Perfect for special occasion desserts, snacks, or appetizers, these little pies are great on the go or served at a party. While they’re typically filled with sweet fruit or chocolate, I prefer a more savory application. Here are some of my favorite variations:


  • Empanadas: Filled with beef, chicken, or chorizo and deep fried, these pies would be a decadent and tasty snack for a super bowl party. For a healthier option try black beans or plantains with peppers and onions, and bake them in the oven instead of frying.
  • Mini pizzas: I love salami and olives in mine, but you can fill these pizza bites with any combo your heart desires. Try them out at a kids’ party and let everyone choose his or her own fillings.
  • Potpie: Whether you go wholesome and comforting with chicken and veggies or splurge with a succulent lobster filling, potpies are always a crowd pleaser.
  • Spanakopita: Fill the pies with spinach and feta for a cute round or star-shaped version of the Greek classic.
  • Cheddar Apple: Who says apple pie has to be sweet? My favorite apple pies have savory crusts. Cheddar and thyme is my top choice this time of year, but just about any mix of cheese and herbs would be delicious!


For even more inspiration, try borrowing filling ideas from these great recipes from our website:


Whether you go sweet or savory, these charming little pies are a fun way to serve your favorite pie recipes with a new twist. Piled on a platter at your next get together, they’re sure to be a hit!


About the author: Emily Wann’s deep love of all things culinary started at a very young age while watching her grandmother prepare big southern breakfasts for their large extended family. She loves cooking and experimenting with new recipes and gadgets, which she gets to do often as Williams-Sonoma’s Assistant Buyer of Electrics and Bakeware. If she’s not reading about, thinking about, talking about, or preparing food, it’s probably because she’s too busy eating.

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    These are terrific. This site offers alot of great ideas for kids. We use it all the time as well as some of their childrens cookbooks. My kids love to cook with me and we made a short video that we want to turn into a show Please check it out. We need lots of hits so please help out and pass it along. Thanks and happy cooking!

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