Yes, It’s Possible to Slice a Pineapple in Seconds

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While you can purchase pineapples from the market whole and break them down yourself with a knife, there’s another way to cut a pineapple. The other method is to use a pineapple slicer and dicer tool, and once you master the technique, it takes only half the effort (and requires half the cleanup) of the knife-wielding version.


There are only two steps involved: First insert the long, narrow part of the pineapple tool into the top of a trimmed pineapple, applying light pressure and twisting the handle. Then, pulling up, lift the flesh from the shell—depending on the pineapple, this may take little to significant effort—and (if you’re going for cubes of pineapple) slide the dicer down the stack of rings.

It sounds more complicated than it actually is, so watch the video to see the tool in action:



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