Q&A with Ety Salamone of Life Juice

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Q&A with Ety Salamone of Life Juice

Why juice? The answer may be different for everyone, but it all starts with a desire to live well, be healthy and feel good. We’re kicking off the new year with a healthy juicing habit, talking to some top juicing experts and learning why they juice, along with their best tips and favorite combinations. See our full guide here.


Today, we’re featuring Ety Salamone, the founder of Life Juice and creator of our energizing, detoxifying cleanses. Ety, a former restaurateur, began juicing with produce from her organic garden and local markets and ultimately started developing her own delicious juices for friends and Pilates clients. Now, her juices are available to people all over the country.


WHY I JUICE: I juice because it makes me feel great. Over time, I’ve learned to listen to my body — and it’s demanding! Good sleeping habits and healthy, wholesome nourishment are the only things that work.


Tell us the story behind Life Juice. How did you get started juicing? 

I’ve always been a foodie and started my career in the restaurant industry. Experimenting with nutritious, fresh ingredients has been and always will be fun for me. Using organic vegetables from my garden, I started juicing to make sure I was getting my greens, and as a way for my kids (who also love vegetables and fruits) to enjoy good health. I started sharing what I’d created in mason jars with my Pilates clients, and realized pretty quickly that the demand was there. Life Juice was born!


What does your recipe development process look like? Any tips for combining fruits and vegetables or new/unexpected ingredients to try? 

The Life Juice recipe development process starts in my kitchen! We have a garden and some great local farmers’ markets. Once I’m happy with my recipe, I share with my boys, friends, and the Life Juice team. If it’s a hit, the recipe moves into our production line. Of course I love using traditional vegetable combinations, but I have a weak spot for exotic fruits and not-so-standard veggies! I also love adding hemp, chia or flax seeds when I’m making myself smoothies.


What makes your juices unique? 

The juice itself — the taste. We constantly hear from juicers that Life Juice tastes best, and people skeptical of raw vegetable juice are consistently pleasantly surprised. Our demo teams hear “Wow, this is actually really good! Not what I was expecting” on a pretty regular basis. As a company, Life Juice is also different. As a team, we all embrace good health and green living. Our goal is to spread our knowledge — we want everyone to feel great mentally and physically, and to have the tools to live a healthy, eco-friendly life. The key is teaching people how to get there. Our processed, fast food, convenience based society means that a lot of us don’t have the tools to make better decisions. We want to change that.


What are cold-pressed juices and why does the designation matter? 

Cold-pressed is the healthiest way to drink raw vegetable juice! When a hydraulic press is used, the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and juice itself is pressed from the vegetables. When anything other than a hydraulic press is used, not only do some of the nutrients get left behind, the juice is exposed to heat, which kills valuable enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Cold pressed, using a hydraulic press, means no heat (hence “cold”) and maximizes the benefit of the vegetable juice! It’s the way to go!


Your juices are titled according to how they affect the body (Happy Belly, Positive Balance, etc.. What are some of the most important nutrients and antioxidants you can get from juice? Any other tips on which kinds of produce improve different aspects of health? 

Our cold-pressed juices are packed with potassium, calcium, iron and folic acid. Each flavor offers a wide array of vitamins like vitamin A, B, C and E. The ginger present in our recipes promotes healing, and they all help to aid in healthy digestive functions. Our bodies are extremely communicative — if we learn to listen to and read the signs, it’s possible to give your body what it is really craving. Not the greasy burger from that convenient fast food chain, but a lean protein and fresh green salad. It’s fairly obvious which will make you feel and function better in the long run.


How long will the juices last, and what’s the best way to store them? 

Each of our Life Juice bottles are stamped with a “best by” date, letting our customers know how long their juice will last. Life Juice should always be kept refrigerated, and once opened, should be consumed within 3 days — which we don’t anticipate being an issue, its so good you’re likely to finish the bottle in one sitting and wonder when you’re going to open the next one!


Tell us about the philosophy behind your cleanses. How does each program work? 

Life Juice cleanses are not just a bunch of drinks. They’re comprehensive systems formulated to help to our body reset, rid and re-build. Our cleanses give your digestive system a break so it can easily absorb the vitamins and minerals in our tasty, nutrient-dense juices. The more closely you follow the system (think pre- and post-cleanse, and sticking with the order and number of juices provided), the better the benefits. Each day you will consume six delicious blends in a carefully constructed order for optimum nutrient and antioxidant absorption.


How can people incorporate juice into their lifestyles after a cleanse? 

Simple: drink at least one cold-pressed juice every day! Pressed juice can be used as a meal replacement (think juice until dinner, or as lunch on the go), a workout recovery drink, or just a beverage to accompany lean proteins and salads for dinner. We love juices with leafy green vegetables, and those that pack a variety of produce into one drink. Think Oh My Greens, which offers kale, spinach, cucumber and celery as main ingredients, or Positive Balance, which is our “green in disguise,” providing green veggies, beets and carrots!


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