Recipe Roundup: Chiles

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Recipe Roundup: Chiles

Ready to spice up your summer? Get cooking with some of our favorite recipes with chiles below — see them all here.


Jalapeño-Lime Coolers with Cucumber-Chile GinJalapeño-Lime Coolers with Cucumber-Chile Gin
This cocktail is a triple threat: the gin is infused with chile, shaken with our jalapeño-infused cocktail mixer, and garnished with a slice of fresh chile. The cucumber adds a cooling note to the potent mixture.
Cheddar and Corn Jalapeño PoppersCheddar and Corn Jalapeño Poppers
Filled with cheddar cheese, corn kernels and other savory ingredients, our fire-roasted peppers are the perfect appetizer for outdoor gatherings.
Chilled Watermelon Soup with Chile and LimeChilled Watermelon Soup with Chile and Lime
Cooling watermelon meets piquant jalapeño chile and zesty lime in this refreshing soup. Serve as a first course on a hot summer day.
Triple-Chile Burger with Grilled Potato WedgesTriple-Chile Burger with Grilled Potato Wedges
Hatch, serrano, and poblano chiles come together to make a deliciously spicy cheeseburger inspired by the Southwest. Chunky fries with just a hint of heat are the perfect accompaniment. The fries are equally delicious made with sweet potatoes.
Crab and Jalapeño Burgers with Grilled Mango SalsaCrab and Jalapeño Burgers with Grilled Mango Salsa
These tropical-inspired burgers use crab as a lean protein base. The salsa imparts a smoky flavor to the patties, thanks to a quick stint on a grill pan before dicing and mixing.
Guajillo Chile Braised Short RibsGuajillo Chile Braised Short Ribs
These easy-to-prepare short ribs bring the flavors of Mexico into your home. Here the tender beef is served on corn tortillas, but you can use it to make nachos or quesadillas if you prefer.

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