Recipe Roundup: Easy Weeknight Dinners

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Recipe Roundup: Easy Weeknight Dinners

What’s for dinner tonight? We’ve got you covered with these simple recipes, all starring the best of winter produce.


Winter Vegetable Coconut CurryWinter Vegetable Coconut Curry
Coconut milk lends richness and exotic flavor to these creamy braised vegetables. It echoes the sweetness of both the root vegetables and the squash, while taming the spicy red curry paste, pungent Asian fish sauce, and bright lime and cilantro that season the broth.
Mustard-Peppercorn Steak and Arugula SaladMustard-Peppercorn Steak and Arugula Salad
Here, thinly sliced steak enhanced with mustard seeds and peppercorns is served on a bed of arugula. Round out the meal with country-style bread.
Rigatoni with Broccoli Rabe and ChickpeasRigatoni with Broccoli Rabe and Chickpeas
This simple pasta puts vibrant broccoli rabe center stage. The secret to cooking these greens to perfection is to boil them briefly in salted water before sautéing to mellow their bitter edge and tenderize the stalks.
Braised Chicken with Tomatillos and CilantroBraised Chicken with Tomatillos and Cilantro
Tomatillos have a tart herbal taste and can be used in salsa verde, soups, stews and braises like this one. Serve it with warm tortillas for a Mexican-inspired dinner.
Stir-Fried Tofu with Mushrooms and GreensStir-Fried Tofu with Mushrooms and Greens
Broccoli rabe tastes sweet in contrast to the warming heat of chile sauce in this meatless dish. You can find sambal oelek — a great pantry staple for quick cooking — in the Asian section of most markets. Serve over brown jasmine or basmati rice.
Smoked Salmon Frittata with Goat Cheese and ChivesSmoked Salmon Frittata with Goat Cheese and Chives
Here, delicate smoked fish is combined with tangy goat cheese and fresh, oniony chives in a one-skillet meal. Serve with a big bowl of baby greens for a simple yet satisfying supper.
Braised Chicken with Shallots and MushroomsBraised Chicken with Shallots and Mushrooms
Shallots braise to a delectable sweetness in this one-pot dish, enlivened with white wine and tarragon. Dried mushrooms give it a wonderfully earthy undertone.
Roasted Fish with Lemon-Almond Bread CrumbsRoasted Fish with Lemon-Almond Bread Crumbs
Bread crumbs mixed with nuts, citrus zest and a little olive oil make a wonderfully crispy topping for fish. Serve with a side salad or roasted broccoli.
Noodle Salad with Pork and Asian Lime VinaigretteNoodle Salad with Pork and Asian Lime Vinaigrette
Chinese egg noodles are a versatile ingredient for soaking up flavor and making a salad into a heartier main-course dish. Topped with slices of pork tenderloin, this meal is bold-tasting and satisfying.
Braised Lamb Shoulder Chops with Tomatoes and RosemaryBraised Lamb Shoulder Chops with Tomatoes and Rosemary
Here, lamb shoulder chops develop an irresistible richness after simmering for just a short time in a rich red-wine broth. Serve with cooked grains, such as farro, to soak up the sauce.
Spaghetti Carbonara with Black KaleSpaghetti Carbonara with Black Kale
This creative take on spaghetti carbonara, the egg-rich pasta dish from Rome, includes healthful and tasty greens. In Italian fashion, complete the meal with biscotti and fresh fruit.
Thai-Style Beef and Broccoli CurryThai-Style Beef and Broccoli Curry
It only takes a few minutes to cook tender meat in a creamy-spicy sauce with this flavor-packed recipe, seasoned with fresh ginger, red curry paste and bright herbs.
Sautéed Scallops and Swiss ChardSautéed Scallops and Swiss Chard
Greens, lemon and tarragon make refreshing counterpoints to scallops’ inherent richness. Spoon this creative and colorful dish over aromatic rice for serving.
Sicilian-Style Shrimp with Cauliflower and AlmondsSicilian-Style Shrimp with Cauliflower and Almonds
This dish features the typical sweet-sour flavors of Sicilian cuisine, and nearly every ingredient is a superfood. For a heartier dish, serve with steamed brown rice or over your favorite whole-wheat pasta shapes.


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