Recipe Roundup: Fall Soups

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Recipe Roundup: Fall Soups

Fall is the best time to cozy up with a warming bowl of soup or a slow-simmered stew. These dishes are great for busy schedules, too; you can easily serve a crowd or make and freeze a big batch. Here are some of our favorite recipes for the season.


Mole-Style Chili with Black Beans and AndouilleMole-Style Chili with Black Beans and Andouille
This rich-tasting chili is inspired by Mexican mole. Spicy andouille sausage is a clever replacement for beef, but you can also leave out the sausage for a meatless version.
Simple Fish BouillabaisseSimple Fish Bouillabaisse
This is an easy take on traditional bouillabaisse, the famed fish soup of Marseilles, crowned with fresh herbs, orange zest and crunchy crostini. It’s cozy and comforting, but elegant enough for a dinner party.
Celery Root Puree with Caramelized AppleCelery Root Puree with Caramelized Apple
Celery root’s subtle flavor stands out best in simple preparations like this one. Bonus: this soup freezes well; just leave the caramelized apple garnish until you’re ready to serve.
Turkey, Two-Bean and Sweet Potato ChiliTurkey, Two-Bean and Sweet Potato Chili
Here, we’ve lightened up classic chili by using ground turkey instead of beef. A medley of spices adds flavor without the fat. Offer a selection of garnishes and let diners customize their chili as they please.
White Bean Stew with Porcini and Winter SquashWhite Bean Stew with Porcini and Winter Squash
Here, sweet winter squash, earthy mushrooms and woodsy fresh sage mingle in a warming meatless stew. The only accompaniment needed is crusty bread.
Pumpkin Soup with Spicy Pumpkin SeedsPumpkin Soup with Sweet and Spicy Pumpkin Seeds
The best part about this recipe is that it uses almost the entire pumpkin, and the seeds from the pumpkin are roasted to use for the garnish. Pack leftover toasted pumpkin seeds in your child’s lunch box (or your own!) for a fun treat.
Autumn Vegetable SoupAutumn Vegetable Soup
Succulent white beans, sweet winter squash and bright chard simmer together in this meatless main-course soup. It’s the perfect dish to make in the fall when the hard-shelled squashes appear at the market.
Savory Barley Soup with Wild Mushrooms and ThymeSavory Barley Soup with Wild Mushrooms and Thyme
Hearty barley deserves its renaissance in the modern kitchen. Thanks to a partial pureeing, this creamy soup supports meaty fall mushrooms. Add a Parmesan cheese rind to the broth as it simmers for a boost in flavor.
Green Chili StewGreen Chili StewCommonly called simply chili verde, or “green chili,” this easy-to-make, delicious dish is one of New Mexico’s most popular traditional stews.
Roasted Parsnip and Apple Puree with Gruyère ToastsRoasted Parsnip and Apple Puree with Gruyère Toasts
Parsnips and apples are a great flavor pairing: the apples brighten the earthiness of the parsnips. Don’t skip the melted Gruyère toasts in this recipe; they’re delicious dipped into the hot soup.
Pork and Pumpkin StewPork and Pumpkin Stew
Chock-full of tender pork and pumpkin and seasoned with a medley of fragrant spices, this warming stew is perfect for an autumn supper with friends.
Orzo, Delicata Squash and Chicken Soup with SageOrzo, Delicata Squash and Chicken Soup with Sage
This colorful and plentiful soup is a snap to prepare with leftover or rotisserie chicken. You can use whatever variety of autumn squash you find at your farmers’ market.
Braised Beef with Autumn VegetablesBraised Beef with Autumn Vegetables
This hearty stew has everything we crave in the cold weather months: tender beef, sweet carrots and pumpkin, and plenty of warm spices.


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