Recipe Roundup: Our Spookiest Snacks

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Recipe Roundup: Our Spookiest Snacks

Halloween is all about theatrics — crazy costumes, eerie decorations and, of course, plenty of festive foods. Get into the spirit with these homemade snacks and sweet treats, which are great to give as gifts or serve at a bewitching bash. Trick or treat!


Spider Deviled EggsSpider Deviled Eggs
These easy appetizers put a spin on the classic, using olive halves and slices to create the shape of creepy-crawling spiders.
"Dirty" Popcorn Balls“Dirty” Popcorn Balls
Perfect for a Halloween party, these dressed-up popcorn balls can be made in advance. Or, let kids make them during the party for a fun activity.
Skeleton CookiesSkeleton Cookies
Dress up classic sugar cookies with our scary skeleton cookie cutters — they can create all sorts of spine-tingling poses. Plus, they’re easy for kids to use.
Caramel Popcorn GhostsCaramel Popcorn Ghosts
These treats make ghoulish party favors! Just wrap popcorn balls in parchment paper with a ribbon to make a ghostly shape.
Creepy Crawler Halloween CupcakesCreepy Crawler Halloween Cupcakes
Devil’s food cupcakes are a fitting base for these Halloween cupcakes, which are topped with a spider web design made from two chocolatey glazes.


Featured Recipe: A jack-o-lantern caramel apple made with our DIY kit — customize your own!

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