Recipe Roundup: Puddings & Custards

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Recipe Roundup: Puddings & Custards

Puddings and custards are some of the most endearing old-fashioned comfort foods. These desserts are all about texture, owing their legendary silkiness to the slow cooking of eggs with milk and cream until that perfect mix of smooth and light is achieved.


Whether stirred on on the stove or baked in the oven, these creamy sweets are the perfect endings to a meal. Make homemade pudding (like the Mexican chocolate version above) for a homey family get-together, and reserve elegant baked custards like classic crème brûlée for your next dinner party.


Sticky Toffee PuddingSticky Toffee Pudding
This crave-worthy British cake is studded with honey-sweet dates and doused in a buttery toffee sauce. Make an extra batch toffee sauce — you won’t regret it.
Butterscotch CustardsButterscotch Custards
Butterscotch doesn’t get enough attention. Make these charming custards and savor the flavors of brown sugar, butter and a hint of whiskey.
Coconut Rice PuddingCoconut Rice Pudding
Made with long-grain rice, coconut milk and warm cardamom, this pudding has a unique texture you’ll love.
Crème Brûlée with Caramelized Blood OrangesCrème Brûlée with Caramelized Blood Oranges
Here’s a beautiful dessert for entertaining: a thick layer of melt-in-your-mouth vanilla custard is topped with a crackling burnt sugar crust and slices of tart, caramel-coated blood oranges.
Maple FlanMaple Flan
A staple of Spanish cuisine, flan is usually crowned with a layer of caramel. Here, maple syrup stands in for the caramel for a rich finish.
Meyer Lemon Pots de Crème with Raspberry Sauce
Meyer Lemon Pots de Crème with Raspberry Sauce

Meyer lemon makes an inviting flavor addition to silky pots de crème, and a simple raspberry sauce brings a taste of spring.


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