Recipe Roundup: Quick, Healthy Weeknight Dinners

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Recipe Roundup: Quick, Healthy Weeknight Dinners

The holidays are in full swing, but you still have to eat in between those festive parties. Here’s a roundup of our favorite healthy, simple dinners for those busy weeknights in.


Vegetable and Lentil SoupVegetable and Lentil Soup
On a cold night, there’s nothing more satisfying than a hearty bowl of soup like this one, chock-full of bright vegetables and tender lentils. Unlike other dried legumes, lentils cook quickly, so this recipe is great when you’re short on time.
Cauliflower, Onion and Greens RisottoCauliflower, Onion and Greens Risotto
Faster than a soup but just as comforting, risotto takes only about 20 minutes to come together and is a favorite dish for weeknight dinners. Here, caramelized onions, cauliflower and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese are a wonderful and unexpected combination.
Apple and Cheddar Panini with Onion JamApple and Cheddar Panini with Onion Jam
A dinner of soup and a sandwich will satisfy both kids and adults. Serve this sweet-savory panini with our simple carrot soup.
Spaghetti with Garlicky GreensSpaghetti with Garlicky Greens
This tangle of noodles and garlic-laden ribbons of kale and chard is a delicious way to eat your greens.
Tuscan Farro Soup with White Beans, Tomatoes and BasilTuscan Farro Soup with White Beans, Tomatoes and Basil
This wonderfully textured soup marries a handful of classic Tuscan flavors and stars chewy, earthy whole grains. The beans and farro make it hearty enough for a full meal — just add crusty bread.
Spiced Roasted Halibut with Fennel and OnionSpiced Roasted Halibut with Fennel and Onion
Here, a quick homemade spice blend seasons both the fish and the vegetables. Offer couscous, or basmati or jasmine rice, on the side, along with chopped fresh cilantro for a refreshing garnish.
Seared Scallops with Orange and Red Onion SaladSeared Scallops with Orange and Red Onion Salad
Oranges, scallops and even onions are at their best in the wintertime, and these lively flavors will help brighten up a slow, chilly evening.
Braised Chicken with Onions, Rosemary and SageBraised Chicken with Onions, Rosemary and Sage
Chicken, onions and herbs braised with wine make a warming meal. Serve the chicken over polenta or rice, or set out some crusty bread, to absorb the flavorful juices.
Chicken with Mustard and Walnut CoatingChicken with Mustard and Walnut Coating
Bread crumbs mixed with fragrant lemon zest, crunchy walnuts, spicy mustard and aromatic shallot form a crispy crust on chicken breasts and seal in the natural juices. Serve with steamed broccoli or wilted winter greens and rice.
Citrus-Grilled Pork TenderloinCitrus-Grilled Pork Tenderloin
The flavors of the Italian pork dish known as porchetta inspired the marinade for these quick-cooking tenderloins, which are seasoned with fresh rosemary, fennel seeds, red pepper flakes, garlic and citrus. They’re seared quickly on a grill pan for a flavor-packed entree.
Sautéed Pork with ParsnipsSautéed Pork with Parsnips
Here, the simplest ingredients combine to make an easy and delicious dinner: quickly sautéed pork medallions with sweet, nutty parsnips. Serve them with egg noodles tossed with olive oil, fresh thyme and lots of fresh pepper.
Stir-Fried Tri-tip with RadicchioStir-Fried Tri-tip with Radicchio
When stir-fried, lean tri-tip can absorb the flavors of other ingredients. Here, it’s paired with watercress and radicchio and lightly dressed with a touch of bright vinegar.


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