Recipes for an Indian Summer

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This post comes to us courtesy of Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell, also known as the Beekman Boys


It happens at this time every year: Just when we thought we’ve mowed the yard for the last time comes that final ember of summer to give everything in the garden a burst of growth.


Before you start dreaming of those kitchen- and soul-warming autumn soups and stews, here are a few great recipes to help you finish up the last of your summer harvest.

Green Bean SlawWhoever was the first to say something “doesn’t amount to a hill of beans” obviously never planted a hill of beans — because a hill can produce a mountain of beans in no time. Use those young, tender green beans in this special dish.
Braised CucumbersWhen cooked, cucumbers become meltingly tender. The combination of rich butter and salt and the undeniable taste of summer that only a cucumber can provide will make this recipe a classic on your table for years to come.
30 Days of TomatoesBeekman 1802 is devoted to seasonal living — that is, enjoying rapturously the spoils of each season before bidding them farewell until the next year. The season for tomatoes at The Beekman Farm is depressingly short, but we wait all year for it. Make the most of it with these 30 recipes — one for each day of the month.


Do you have some good summer food memories? Share your heirloom recipe and you could win a party with us in the test kitchens of Bon Appétit magazine in NYC!


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