Saturday Food Section: Why Eggs May be More Expensive in 2018



Plus: Trader Joe’s shares their favorite recipes, chocolate could become extinct in 40 years, and “raw water” is the weird new health trend you should avoid.


You might be spending way more on eggs in 2018. The USDA says that in the first three months of the year, you could be spending upwards to 35 percent more than you did during the same period in 2017. [NPR’s The Salt]


Put down that romaine lettuce at the grocery store and buy something else. This salad green might be linked to a recent deadly bout of E. coli food poisoning. [Consumer Reports]


Scientists think chocolate as we know it could be extinct in the next 40 years. Totally devastating. [Bloomberg]


Cadbury has released 371 white chocolate Creme Eggs, but they’re extremely hard to find because the packaging looks identical to the milk chocolate ones. [Food & Wine]


Raw water is the questionable new health trend that you should probably just avoid. [New York Times]


Trader Joe’s just released their favorite 15 recipes to make using their products. [Real Simple]


Here’s everything you need to know about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding food so far. [Town & Country]

2 comments about “Saturday Food Section: Why Eggs May be More Expensive in 2018

  1. Joyce

    We already pay more for our eggs because they are free range/organic. Some things are worth paying a bit more for, if you want to make animal welfare a top priority.


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