Food News: New Food Emojis Are Coming!



And we’re pretty excited about the cupcake one… Plus: Norway’s big mix-up in Korea, the “Lady Doritos” rumor, and a peek into Chrissy Teigen’s grocery cart.


Our Favorite Food News Items This Week


There will be 157 new food emojis in 2018, and six of them are food-related. Who else is ready for the cupcake emoji? [Food & Wine]


Norway’s team for the games accidentally ordered 15,000 eggs instead of 1,500. Oops. [CNN]


The big rumor story of the week was the story that PepsiCo was making Doritos specifically for women. This ended up not being true. [New York Times]


The events in Korea are officially underway, and all eyes are on the athletes — including what they eat. Speed-skater Jerica Tandiman is obsessed with fresh mangoes, and bobsledder Codie Bascue is really into Five Guys. [Bon Appétit]


PepsiCO just launched a new sparkling water line called “Bubly.” Flavors include grapefruit, lime, and cherry. [TIME]


Chrissy Teigen recently posted a picture of herself grocery shopping on Instagram. She has a bunch of fun finds in her cart, including two large cans of San Marzano tomatoes and a box of Cap’n Crunch. [Refinery29]


You only need four ingredients for this chocolate mouse, and one of them is Greek yogurt. Perfect for Valentine’s Day! [Food52]

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