Hearty Sausage, for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

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Hearty sausage adds savory flavor to any dish, but it’s also amazingly versatile. It can adapt to suit the style of any meal, any time of day, and the wide range of seasonings you’ll find in different sausages can transform a dish. Mild sausages make a perfect complement to eggs and vegetables in breakfast fare, while spicy Italian sausage pairs with herbs and bitter greens in authentic pasta dishes.


Get inspired and try your favorite sausage in the delicious recipes below, from morning to night.




Sausage Strata with Cheddar Cheese & Sun-Dried Tomatoes
A perfect make-ahead brunch dish, this strata calls for sweet or hot sausages, so you can tailor the heat level to your preference.
Apple and Sausage Patties
Grated apple is added to bulk pork sausage in this recipe, yielding tangy breakfast patties with a sweet-savory balance.
Frittata with Sausage, Wild Mushrooms and Cheddar
Mild sausage allows the deep, earthy flavor of wild mushrooms to shine in this dish.




Sausage & Swiss Chard Soup
Brimming with andouille sausage, Swiss chard and white beans, this hearty soup is the perfect cool-weather dish. Make a big batch and enjoy leftovers for lunch.
Sausage and Cheese Panini
Sometimes the simplest combinations are hard to beat. White cheddar, bratwurst, sweet bread and a brushing of olive oil are all that’s required to create this tasty sandwich.
Sausage & Red Pepper Calzones
Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of folding a calzone when our handy mold can do the work for you. These pockets are easy to pack on the go.




Italian Sausage and Cannellini Beans in Herbed Tomato Sauce
Easy and satisfying, this is a dish the whole family can enjoy. For a faster weeknight meal, use canned beans that have been drained and rinsed.
Polenta with Sausages and Tomato-Olive Ragout
Italian sausage adds the delicious flavor of fennel to this dish, warm and comforting on a chilly night.
Penne with Escarole, Spicy Sausage & Rosemary
Rosemary adds a delicious herbal note to this pasta, balancing the spiciness of the sausage and the bitterness of the escarole.

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