Snacktime Skewers

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Boost the fun factor of any food exponentially by threading it on a stick. These skewers make healthy and delicious snacks and lunch box fillers, and easy serving makes them perfect for munching in the car.


Here are four of our favorite meat and veggie combinations. Start by having ready short wooden skewers or toothpicks, then assemble the snacks according to directions.


Mozzarella, Cantaloupe & Prosciutto 


Working with 1 skewer at a time, alternately thread small cubes of cantaloupe, fresh mozzarella balls and rolled-up pieces of prosciutto onto each skewer. Substitute grapes or cherry tomatoes for the cantaloupe, if you like.




Ham & Pineapple 


Working with 1 skewer at a time, alternately thread pineapple chunks and ham pieces onto each skewer. Substitute cooked sausage for the ham, if you like.





Salami, Olive & String Cheese 

Cut a string cheese stick crosswise into small pieces. Working with 1 skewer at a time, alternately thread rolled-up slices of salami, cubes of cheese and pitted black or green olives onto each skewer. Substitute any cubed cheese for the string cheese.



Chicken & Bell Pepper with BBQ Sauce 


Working with 1 skewer at a time, alternately thread grilled chicken cubes and chunks of bell pepper onto each skewer. Include a small container of BBQ sauce for dipping.


5 comments about “Snacktime Skewers

  1. ydoofspacealien

    This technique is an especially great way to make fresh fruits and vegetables fun for kids (and playful adults).

    Try threading colorful combos of berries, peaches and kiwi chunks for a blast of Vitamin C. Or make a savory skewer using broccoli, grape tomatoes and chunks of roasted baby carrots.

    Start with familiar ingredients, then consider combining them with fun new foods — kids love it!

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  3. Kendra

    straws both regular and coffee stirs are good alternatives for small children or fussy school cafeteria monitors.

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