Sous Chef Series: Anndria Jones’ Caramel Corn

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Sous Chef Series: Anndria Jones' Caramel Corn

Forget beer nuts: Even the bar snacks at Chicago’s Yusho are exciting. Sous chef Anndria Jones, a Texas native who moved to the city after culinary school, shared her recipe for spiced caramel corn, just one of the items on the Japanese restaurant’s menu, with the latest edition of the Sous Chef Series.


This caramel corn is the kind of sweet-and-salty snack that you can’t stop eating, equally good alongside a whiskey cocktail or downed by the handful on a movie night. Flavored with caramel, Szechuan peppercorns and almonds, and finished with bonito salt, it walks the line between sweet and savory.



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    I live 6 months here in the U.S. and 6 months in the Philippines. Do you know if I can bring this blender to the Philippines? Would you know if this is 100-240 voltage? Thank you


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