Sous Chef Series: Bradley Herron’s Spicy Cauliflower

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“I started making vinegar because I can’t stand to waste anything,” says Bradley Herron, chef de cuisine at Michael’s Genuine in Miami. “I love taking trash and making money out of it.” For the latest edition of the Sous Chef Series, Herron made a pan-roasted cauliflower dish that gets an extra layer of flavor from a garlic-red wine vinegar sauce. It’s a simple preparation that relies on little more than a super hot pan.


Though he spends upwards of 85 hours a week at the restaurant, has a six-week-old son, Dominic, and a dog, a big boxer named Gordon, Herron still makes time to cook at home. “I roast chicken once a week,” he says. Take inspiration from him, beginning with this speedy side dish.


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