Sous Chef Series: Chris Robertson’s Skirt Steak with Garlic Confit and Broccoli Rabe

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Chris Robertson, the sous-chef at New York City’s North End Grill, works in a restaurant, but his life sounds a lot like many of ours: a small child, a demanding job and a desire to eat good food at home. So when he talks about what he cooks at home, we listen.


The recipe for red wine-marinated skirt steak with broccoli rabe and salsa verde he shares with the latest edition of the Sous Chef Series is completely flexible. You can use a variety of different cuts of beef; choose kale or swiss chard in place of the broccoli rabe; vary the herbs in the salsa verde and cook the steak on a gas or charcoal grill rather than on the stovetop. Consider this recipe a blueprint for better dining.


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