Sous Chef Series: Ethan Holmes’ Berry Crisp

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Ask Ethan Holmes about his favorite Texas barbecue joint, and he recounts a tale of family tradition, family betrayal and smoked meat (click here to find out his favorite).


The native Austinite, currently chef de cuisine at Second Bar + Kitchen, attended culinary school in Vermont (“I froze my ass off.”). He then cooked in kitchens in Boston, Santa Monica and San Francisco before returning home to Texas.


“The best-kept secret about my hometown,” he says, “is how much the food scene here has evolved and changed recently. It’s not just Tex-Mex.” Holmes further proves his point by baking a Berry Crisp with Vanilla Goat-Cheese Mousse for the latest edition of the Sous Chef Series.


Click here to see the slide show, discover Holmes’ favorite tools and techniques, and learn what he’d eat for his last supper.


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