Sous Chef Series: Julya Shin’s Avocado Toasts with Tomato

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Sous Chef Series: Julya Shin's Avocado Toasts with Tomato

Chef de cuisine Julya Shin, of Pizzaiolo in Oakland, has some advice for kitchen greenhorns. “Relax. When you take cooking too seriously you take all the fun out of it.”


Shin’s recipe for avocado toasts topped with tomato salad, which she shares with the latest edition of the Sous Chef Series, is an homage to late summer if ever we’ve tasted one. She calls it “a basic outfit that you can accessorize.” Swap burrata for the avocado, add blanched green beans, or use cilantro and jalapeño chiles in place of mint and basil. Dressed up or down, it’s still one of the finest no-cook dishes of late summer.


Sous Chef Series: Julya Shin's Avocado Toasts with Tomato

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