Sous Chef Series: Kevin Luzande’s Chicken Adobo

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The first thing chef Kevin Luzande remembers making as a child was strawberry ice cream. “I put strawberries, milk and ice in the blender,” he recalls. “It didn’t look pink enough.” So Luzande did what any reasonable tot might: He added ketchup.


The chef de cuisine at Los Angeles’s Playa has since expanded his repertoire, thanks in part to culinary school and stints at the Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey, David Burke’s restaurant at the Venetian in Las Vegas, and Playa’s sister restaurant, Rivera. But when he’s cooking for himself, he returns to the Filipino classics he grew up eating, recipes perfected by his grandmother and shared with him. The chicken adobo he created for the latest edition of the Sous Chef Series is one example, a comforting braise flavored with soy and oyster sauces and a glug of vinegar. It’s a worthy one-pot meal to add to your collection, and far more delicious than Luzande’s childhood rendition of strawberry ice cream.


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