Sous Chef Series: Manny Cisneros’ Swordfish with Chile Pesto

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“My mom is a hell of a cook,” says Manny Cisneros, chef de cuisine at Urbano Pizza Bar in downtown Los Angeles. In fact, Cisneros comes from a long line of cooks. His grandfather owned three restaurants in Mazatlán, Mexico, and when the family relocated to Los Angeles, he opened El Parian, which is still open today, 44 years later.


The recipe Cisneros shared with the latest edition of the Sous Chef Series, swordfish topped with a red chile pesto, reminds him of his Mexican roots. The pesto, made with dried guajillo and ancho chiles, citrus juice, garlic and pumpkin seeds, is bold and spicy, the perfect counterpoint to the mild fish. “This is exactly what I would feed my family or company,” he says.


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One comment about “Sous Chef Series: Manny Cisneros’ Swordfish with Chile Pesto

  1. Susan Woodward

    I was surprised that the chile pesto had less taste and fire than I expected, given all its ingredients, but I also now have a LOT left over. Can Manny Cisneros advise on other uses for the pesto? Please?
    thank you.
    Susan Woodward


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