Summer Pie Primer

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’Tis the season for luscious fruit pies. Learn tips and tricks for making pie dough like a pro with these recipes and step-by-step guides.


Summer Pie Recipes
Berries, cherries, peaches and plums—find our best recipes for baking the season’s rich bounty into a buttery crust.
Making Pie Dough
Cold butter is the key to making a delicious and versatile flaky, layered crust. Learn how to use your food processor to pull it off in no time.


Working with Pie Dough
Forget sticking and cracking. See how to roll out dough, transfer it to your pie dish and even make those perfectly crimped edges with these simple steps.


Blind Baking a Tart or Pie
Blind baking is essential for recipes in which a pie crust calls for a different baking time than its filling. Find out how to create the perfect crispy shell.


Making a Double-Crust Pie
For crust lovers, these pies are twice as nice. This guide will show you how to seal in the fruit and achieve the perfect texture, inside and out.


Making a Lattice-Topped Pie
Here’s a secret: lattice-topped pies only look difficult and fancy. Click to learn the pattern for weaving the strips of dough, and soon you’ll be layering like a pro.

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  3. Denise Franz

    I went to our Williams-Sonoma today, at the Tech Class. Fabulous Fruit Finales, was delish, learning and fun. We have great people working there ! I’m going to bake a crumble pie tomorrow. Love our store and I bought a Snow Cone maker today. Our grandkids are going to be so happy !

  4. marlene

    i,m from the vancouver area i,m going to visit our store ( i had no idea we had a store in canada.)


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