9 Gifts That’ll Steal the Show at This Year’s Thanksgiving

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Unexpected hostess gifts

If you’re lucky enough to have skipped out on the hosting duties this Thanksgiving, make up for the time you’d spend prepping and cleaning by gifting your host or hostess with a thoughtful present when you show up for dinner. We’ve thought of nine unique host and hostess gifts that are sure to show your gratitude.  And if you’re a last-minute gift-giver, that’s no problem: we’ve got you covered: Items below (excluding online-only options) are available at your local store.


Gold Pineapple Cocktail Shaker


Call us biased, but we love the pineapple. It’s long been a symbol of welcome, friendship and hospitality, which means it’s a terrifically appropriate gift for any entertainer in your life.


Marble & Copper Monogram Boards


An inlaid copper monogram gives this marble board a fresh, modern style. If you want to go all out, pair it with a knife set for the chicest gift your host or hostess will ever receive.




    Exclusive Greens Bouquet


    Don’t show up at the door with a bouquet of flowers, because your host will feel obligated to put them in water immediately. Instead, send a lovely bouquet, like this assortment of peak-season greens, as a thank you the next day. (Available online only.)

    Plaid Insulated Beverage Container


    A cozy thermal bottle decked out in a holiday pattern makes for a gift that’s both festive and practical (the container’s twist-off lid even doubles as a cup!). Package it with a bag of snowflake marshmallows for a present that’s particularly evocative of the season.



    Personalized Peppermint Bark Tin


    Make our bestselling Williams-Sonoma Peppermint Bark even more of a holiday favorite for friends and family by customizing our keepsake tin with a special name. (Personalization available online only.)


    Star Wars Ice Mold


    A Darth Vader-shaped ice mold isn’t for everyone, but for the playful hosts, sci-fi fanatics, quirky collectors and film buffs in your life, it’ll be a host gift not forgotten.


    Moravian Chocolate-Dipped Peppermint Cookies


    Treat your hosts to a luxurious snack: crispy Moravian spice cookies flavored with a splash of peppermint and dipped in Guittard dark chocolate. They’ll disappear in a heartbeat.



    Fortnum & Mason Famous Tea Bag Assortment


    If you’re headed to the home of a tea lover, surprise him or her with an assortment of offerings from Fortnum & Mason, the legendary English tea house that has supplied the royal family for more than 300 years. 


    Orange Raisin Panettone


    There’s panettone, and then there’s Roy Shvartzapel’s panettone. Chef Roy has dedicated his life to perfecting the art of panettone, and mentored with the world’s panettone master, Iginio Massari, to perfect his own. For this version, he uses European-style butter and premium candied oranges and raisins from Italy. (Available online only.)




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