4 comments about “The Story Behind the Williams Sonoma Pineapple Logo

  1. M Jeheber

    If the free form drawing of a pineapple is your new symbol – I am not a fan of it. A bit too casual and also a tad sloppy looking. Think that perhaps it is time for a new pineapple design but don’t think what you’ve chosen is “the one”.

  2. Beverly

    The Williams Sonoma pineapple has always represented class. The new pineapple sketch looks like it represents just the opposite. Perhaps you should hold a contest and ask customers to submit designs by a certain date. Afterwards, you can request votes on favorites.

  3. Crystal Matthew

    As an art director, I imagine a little fantasy where there’s a designer in the corporate office who sketches the WSI pineapple on countless concept sketches and mockups — and having developed a trademark depiction, has earned some internal notice. Default Illustrator brush, hastily Wacom’ed. It has so much personality!

    Accidental craftsmanship, born of years of preparation and expertise.

    This is why my handwritten text messages look so much better than my boyfriend’s.


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