The Wonderful World of Weck

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The Wonderful World of Weck

Weck jars are ideal for canning, thanks to rubber-ringed lids that create an airtight seal for preserving sweet summer fruits and juicy tomatoes. But beyond that, they’re great for storing and serving foods, too — their distinctive design is at home on both the dining table and the pantry. Here are some creative ideas for using Weck jars at home. Get inspired, then see more on our Pinterest board!


Marinated CheesesMarinate 
Weck jars are perfect for marinating cheeses like fresh feta and mozzarella with flavors from herbs, spices, garlic and chilies. Try this recipe to do it yourself.
Keep your pantry organized by storing dry goods such as beans, grains and pasta in the jars. Choose larger jars for the items you use most often so you don’t have to keep refilling.
Colorful candies shine through a glass jar, sure to bring a smile to someone’s face. Tie a ribbon around the top with a homemade gift tag to make it special. They’ll love that they can reuse the jars!
Taking lunch on the go? These jars can hold everything from salads to sweet treats, so they’re great for a picnic. Smaller jars make perfect individual portions.
Whether you’re treating someone to breakfast in bed or sitting around a table, Weck jars can easily be used as bowls for a casual — and charming — touch.


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