3 Images That Perfectly Capture Your Day Today

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Thanksgiving infographic 3_final_2

A scientific breakdown of your guest list.


Happy Thanksgiving! We hope it’s a day spent counting your blessings with loved ones and a cornucopia of delicious food. In the spirit of the holiday, we created this infographic, which we’d venture to say is likely an accurate reflection of what your plate looks like today:


Thanksgiving infographic 1_final_3

Because sometimes going to the buffet can be a mind game.


Being the cook on Thanksgiving can be a lonely job. That’s who we really made these images for: all the Thanksgiving cooks out there. Despite the best intentions of your helpers, the cook is really the only one obsessing about turkey time and temperature.


Thanksgiving infographic 2_final_3_v2

It’s the undeniable truth… But it’s worth it. 


While everyone else is clinking glasses on the couch, it’s the cook that’s breaking a sweat whisking up lump-free gravy. (And hey, those pies aren’t going to bake themselves!) So Thanksgiving kitchen elves: We salute you, and we hope that you help yourself to an extra serving of stuffing today. You deserve it.



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