Tips for Throwing a Pizza Party

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Tips for Throwing a Pizza Party

When we think of outdoor entertaining, we think of pool parties, barbecues and summer picnics. But if you’re looking for something a little different to serve guests this season, turn to the ultimate easy crowd-pleaser: pizza! A make-your-own pizza party is fun, casual and interactive — and best of all, it takes pressure off the host. Here’s how to pull it off.


Tips for Throwing a Pizza PartyWork ahead. Mix the dough and prep toppings a day before the party so you’re ready to go when guests arrive. It’s simple to make dough yourself, but high-quality prepared doughs work just as well. Chop vegetables and store them in airtight containers in the refrigerator until you’re ready to use them.


Start with snacks. Begin with a simple spread of antipasti for guests to enjoy as they work on their pizzas. Cheese and cured meats are always welcome, along with seasonal vegetables; we like this antipasto salad with peperoncini vinaigrette, which combines a little bit of everything.


Put your friends to work. That’s right — your guests are cooking tonight! And we promise they won’t mind. Let a couple of people roll, toss and stretch the dough, while others saute toppings and grate cheese. Mix it up halfway through the night so they can try something new. Set out the dough rounds and toppings, and everyone can assemble their own perfect pies with their favorite flavor combinations.


Get your grill on! Pizza takes on an entirely new character when cooked on the grill or in a pizza oven outdoors, with a slightly smoky flavor and crisp, blistered crust. It’s easy to master, and it’s a great way to make a variety of pies in a short time: just fire up the pizza in batches, and let everyone have fun trying all flavorful versions. See our step-by-step guide to grilling pizza here.


Tips for Throwing a Pizza Party

Keep serving simple. Serve pizzas directly off the pizza peels or on wooden boards for a relaxed feel. Instead of a set table, stand flatware in tumblers on the kitchen island and serve wine in stemless glasses. This party should feel communal and convivial! Pile extra vegetables in a bowl or place herb bunches in jars or glasses to create an easy, informal centerpiece.


Take it to go. Keep aluminum foil on hand to pack up any leftover pizza for guests to take home — they’ll have lunch for the following day!


Find more pizza tips and recipes in our Outdoor Entertaining Guide.


4 comments about “Tips for Throwing a Pizza Party

  1. Ethel

    Keeping aluminum for leftovers is a great idea, guests can take home their creations! I would love to go to a pizza party where you make your own pizza or you have one made to order! Pizza is something everyone can agree on because it can even be a personal pizza!

  2. Deedee Lewis

    I really like the idea of putting your friends to work when hosting a pizza party. My husband and I hosted a pizza party a couple weeks ago and we had the dough for our friends to make their personal pizzas and they seemed to have a blast with it. I will have to share these tips in mind for the next time my husband and I host a pizza party.

  3. Chris Winters

    I love the idea to host a party where everyone can make their own personal pizzas. I love to try new pizza recipes because there is always so much variety. I think that I should try out a new pizza restaurant to get some ideas for ingredients that we could include at a party.

  4. Jeremy Thompson

    It’s an interesting idea to have your guests to try out garnishing, throwing, tossing, and making the pizza in a pizza party since it’ll be enjoyable, interactive and productive at the same time. That’s perfect since I was thinking of how to make my son’s birthday in December quite unique. I’ll probably go with a pizza party for the teens then. As of now, I have an unusual craving for a bite, so we’ll go out to have pizza for dinner. Thanks for the tip on how to throw a pizza party!


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