6 Test Kitchen Pro Tips for Making the Most Perfect Cheesecake Ever

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Cheesecake is one of those desserts that hasn’t gone out of style for a reason. If you top it with plenty of fresh fruit, it doesn’t feel heavy—just super-satisfying. In the video below, we show you how to make the creamiest cheesecake ever with this ricotta strawberry cheesecake recipe.


Read on to to get our Test Kitchen Chef’s tips fir creamier, more perfectly cooked cheesecake at home every time using the leakproof Goldtouch Springform Pan.


1. A Flat Measuring Cup is Your Friend

Use a flat cup measuring cup to even out the crust on the bottom of the pan. Then build the crust about half an inch up the sides of the pan. This will both help the cheesecake hold its structure and help with the crust-to-filling ratio.

2. Play Around with the Crust

Swap in gingersnaps or almond biscotti as alternatives to the graham cracker crust

3. Use Room-Temperature Ingredients

For the smoothest results, bring your ingredients to room temperature first. For example, cream cheese won’t become smooth if it’s cold, and adding cold eggs or other ingredients will cause it to seize up and form lumps.

4. Don’t Skip the Water Bath

When a recipe calls for a water bath, as this one does, don’t skip it. It’s super-important for a tender cheesecake and for avoiding a cracked, browned top.

5. Don’t Over-Bake the Cheesecake

It should still have a little jiggle in the center, so don’t be tempted to keep it in the oven longer. It will set up more as it cools. If the top is starting to brown before it is set, tent with a piece of foil to keep it from getting darker.

6. A Spatula Is Your Friend 

Run a small offset spatula or knife around the rim of the cake. Do this before releasing from the springform pan so your cake doesn’t stick to the pan and fall apart

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  1. Rosanna

    How did you get the cheese cake from the bottom of the springform pan to the serving platter? I always mess this up.


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