Pork Medallions with Roasted Figs

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When figs start appearing in our markets, we make a point of finding as many different uses for them as possible, as their season is short (but sweet). In this recipe, figs are roasted alongside tender medallions of pork and basted with an apple cider/mustard sauce. The sweet flavor of figs is a perfect match for the pork, and adds a nice balance to the tartness of the sauce.



Pork Medallions with Roasted Figs

1 pork tenderloin, about 1 1/2 lb., cut crosswise into 4 medallions.

Salt and freshly ground pepper

1 Tbsp. olive oil

1 cup hard apple cider

1 sprig fresh rosemary

2 tsp. grainy mustard

6 figs, halved lengthwise

1 Tbsp. unsalted butter



Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.


Season the pork with salt and pepper. In an ovenproof frying pan over medium-high heat, warm the olive oil. Cook the pork, turning once, until browned, 4-5 minutes total. Transfer to a plate. Add the cider, rosemary and mustard to the pan, bring to a boil, and scrape up any browned bits from the pan bottom. Cook until the cider is reduced by half, 3-4 minutes. Return the pork to the pan, place in the oven, and cook for 6 minutes. Remove from the oven, turn the pork, and add the figs. Return to the oven and cook until the pork is tender and registers 145 degrees on an instant-read thermometer, 6-8 minutes longer.


Transfer the pork and figs to a serving platter. Place the pan over medium heat and whisk in the butter to make a sauce. Spoon the sauce over the top of the pork and figs and serve right away.




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