Traditions of Gratitude at the Thanksgiving Kids’ Table

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This post comes courtesy of Elaine Smit of Chow Bella Kids


Our family has a fun tradition started many years ago by my daughter Jenny while she was attending pre-school. Every year, we would host a large family gathering at Thanksgiving. When Jenny was  three years old, she created a special ritual that would captivate the hearts and imaginations of kids and adults alike.


The new tradition was to take place at the kids’ table.  Jenny’s idea was to have all the kids make “thankful note” cards and festive Thanksgiving hats for each guest.


The Kids’ Craft Table


While dinner is cooking, prepare a fun table where the kids can gather to make their crafts (this will be converted to the kids’ dinner table later on). Lay out butcher paper to act as the table cloth, blank note cards, scissors, construction paper, crayons, tape and two small terra cotta pots.


Thankful Note Cards: Kids write up note cards, each with the  title ” I am thankful for….”  The rest of the note is to be completed by each Thanksgiving guest (anonymously), then folded and placed in a terra cotta pot with the  other completed thankful notes. During dinner, the pot will passed around and a note card will be randomly selected and read by each person. It’s a lot of fun – and the kids love to get involved with this project (in fact, they’re known to complete more than one card for themselves).


Pilgrim Hats and Indian Headbands: Kids will have a blast decorating Indian headbands and pilgrim hats for all the guests. Using the construction paper, tape, scissors and crayons, they can put their imaginations to work creating fun, colorful and artistic hats for each guest. Don’t forget to write the names of each guest on the hat or head band, then put it at the guest’s designated place setting.


The Kids’ Dinner Table


When the turkey is almost ready to be served, it’s time to convert the kids’ craft table to a kids’ dinner table, shown at the top of this post. Simply remove the craft items and replace the crafty butcher paper with fresh, clean paper. I like to keep a few crayons out for busy little hands. Place the kids’ pilgrim or Indian craft at their place setting – and the table is ready for an unforgettable celebration. Happy Thanksgiving!


About the author: Elaine and her daughter Jenny are the founders of Chow Bella Kids. A business that specializes in cooking events just for kids. They teach kids cooking classes, cooking parties, summer camps, scouts and private cooking events. They created blog where they showcase kid friendly recipes, cooking tips, and videos. They are committed to educating and inspiring kids. They strive to make a bigger difference on the planet through the power of teaching children and families kids how to cook in a safe, fun and healthy environment.

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  1. Laura Martin Bacon

    I love the idea of “thankful notes.” Just writing down the things we’re grateful for somehow seems to make them even more real and lasting. And there’s nothing like sharing gratitude to inspire us to find still more things to appreciate in this beautiful life.

    Thanks for giving us all a beautiful new Thanksgiving tradition!

  2. Gracias

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