Trend Watch: Copper Kitchen Accents

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Copper is the latest heavy metal to make a comeback in the kitchen in a big way, thanks to the warm, soft hue it lends to everything from tabletop chargers to cocktail glasses.


Copper on the cooktop is nothing new; in fact, cookware made of the malleable metal has long been prized for its functionality. It was in 1830, for instance, when Ernest Mauviel first established the company that has made copper cookware so famous today. Copper pots and pans continues to be a fixture in professional kitchens, where they’re favored for their extremely high thermal conductivity. Mixing bowls made of the metal are particularly useful in baking and pastry, since copper ions bind well with sulfuric proteins in eggs, helping to stabilize delicate mixtures like stiffened egg whites.


But a number of other factors have contributed to copper’s comeback. Rose gold jewelry, which is beloved for the way that it flatters all skin tones, is back in a big way; copper possesses a similarly warm tone. The rich patina of copper has made its way into accents in the home, from chairs to light fixtures and bar counters, and it’s been named an interior design trend for 2016. Last year, The Knot wrote a story declaring copper as the next big wedding trend, writing, “The best part is, this metal meshes well with any wedding style.” And the Moscow Mule, that 1950s vodka drink made with crushed ice, lime and ginger beer, has reached unbelievable levels of popularity, sending sales of copper mule mugs through the roof. (Some have even claimed that drinking from copper barware is good for one’s health.)


Accenting a tabletop or stove with copper is a simple way to lend color and polish to any kitchen. Here are some of our favorite pieces with copper touches.

KitchenAid Copper

KitchenAid Metallic Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer in Satin Copper

Copper Tumbler

Copper Tumblers

Vitamix Blender

Vitamix Pro 750 Heritage Blender in Copper


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