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Try Our Cleanses from Juice Generation

This month, we’ve partnered with Eric Helms of New York’s Juice Generation to bring you two easy-to-use cleanses. Both programs — a one-day and a three-day cleanse — have the same goal: to refresh and reset your body and come back to balance without overhauling your lifestyle. Read on to learn how it’s done, then check out Eric’s new book The Juice Generation for more recipes and tips.


Juice for a Day


When to do it: A one-day cleanse is just right when you want to spend a quiet day oriented towards rest and rejuvenation. Over the course of the day, you’ll consume six fresh-made juices and nut milks in lieu of regular milks and snacks. Use this cleanse as an occasional tool as part of an overall wellness routine — some people even schedule one day a week to reset.


Tips: Start the day with hot water and lemon and end it with a warm, herbal tea. Go to bed early, and maybe even schedule a massage.


3-Day Cleanse


When to do it: Dive into a three-day cleanse when you want to deepen the restorative benefits and when you have extra time to take care of yourself. By the end, you may feel lighter and brighter, with a renewed energy. Use a longer cleanse sporadically, such as every few months or to help you transition between the seasons.


Tips: Plan your cleanse with some foresight. Two or three days before and after the cleanse are an opportunity to ease in and out of your cleanse by consuming clean, freshly prepared foods. Go to bed early and schedule light exercise.


What to Drink & When


Whether you’re juicing for one day or for three, use the recipes below to get all of the vital nutrients you need. An ideal day of cleansing would include a morning green drink; a mid-morning fruit juice; a mid-day vegetable-rich green drink or, for more nourishment, a nut milk; a coconut water or green drink in the mid-afternoon; a fruit or vegetable juice in the late afternoon; and a nut milk for soothing nourishment in the evening.


Here, Eric provides recipes for three green drinks to choose from (Zesty Greens, SupaDupa Greens and Get Ur Green On), plus a fruit juice (Tropical Lust) and a nut milk (Almond Milk). Make and drink them according to the schedule above, and feel revitalized!


Zesty GreensZesty Greens
Collard greens have a similar nutritional profile to that juicing superstar, kale, but they produce significantly more juice, making them not only supremely healthy but also supremely economical. This mix, enhanced by the detoxifying boost of cilantro, has a delicious sweet-spicy kick.
SupaDupa GreensSupaDupa Greens
Get ready for graduate-level greens. This fortifying brew is big on green veggies and light on fruit, making it satisfyingly savory. Cucumber refreshes and lemon harmonizes, creating an uplifting, energizing drink.
Get Ur Green OnGet Ur Green On
It’s never been easier to go green. Here, nutrient-packed kale and spinach are sweetened with apple and pineapple and brightened by mint. Young juicers tend to fall for this tasty green number.
Tropical LustTropical Lust
Pineapple is high in bromelain, an enzyme that helps the body digest proteins and reduce inflammation. Eating—or drinking—fresh pineapple is not only a gustatory delight, it can help reduce swelling and pain from injuries.
Almond MilkAlmond Milk
A few steps are all it takes to make a liquid food that completely outshines the store-bought, packaged kind—light, fresh, mildly sweet and actually tasting of the real food it’s made from. Making nut milk involves soaking raw nuts to neutralize the enzyme inhibitors that naturally occur in nuts, meaning they become much more digestible.


Learn more about juicing here.

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