Valentine’s Day Party for Kids

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Valentine’s Day Party for Kids

On Valentine’s Day, host a party that’s just for the little ones! Let kids make their own Valentines to share with the group, then treat them to a special, festive meal. Food presented in fun shapes and sweet treats reflect the spirit of the holiday, while a few healthy snacks make a balanced menu. Pull it off with our recipes and party planning tips below.




Start off the party with fresh snacks that the kids will love. A ranch-style dip makes raw vegetables like cucumbers, carrots and celery sticks taste great, while a big platter of deviled eggs is guaranteed to please a crowd.


For the main course, serve sweet-savory Monte Cristo sandwiches, and use a heart-shaped cutter to create a sweet presentation. Or, for more variety, make an assortment of panini sandwiches and let the kids choose whichever ones they like. On the side, serve an herbed garden salad topped with tangy goat cheese for a little something green.


End the meal with a couple of rich desserts that make it feel like a special occasion. These red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting were made for a Valentine’s Day party, and cups of dark chocolate pudding showcase the holiday’s signature flavor to perfection.


Valentine’s Day Party for Kids


Party Planner


  • Up to 3 days ahead: Make the cupcakes and refrigerate in an airtight container. Make the dip for the snacks.
  • Day of: Make the deviled eggs, cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. Prep the vegetables for the snacks. Make the pudding and refrigerate.
  • Just before serving: Assemble and grill the sandwiches. Make the salad.


Don’t forget drinks! Mix a big pitcher of cranberry limeade for a perfectly pink beverage for Valentine’s Day. Kids will love sipping from these red and white straws.


Set out colorful paper and crayons so kids can create their own valentines to give. For another fun activity, bake miniature cakes or cookies and leave them plain; place icing and sanding sugars on a paper-lined table and let everyone decorate their own homemade treats.


Bags of red and pink candies make great party favors. Or, set out bowls of a variety of different candies and let kids fill their own cellophane bags with an assortment of goodies to take home.


Valentine’s Day Party for Kids

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