Voltaggios’ Insights to Thanksgiving

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What was one dish you looked forward to your mom or other family member making every year?

My mom’s sausage bites she makes in the afternoon — such a great snack.
Chef Bryan Voltaggio


Did you help with Thanksgiving dinner every year? What were you in charge of?

I wasn’t allowed in the kitchen!
Chef Michael Voltaggio


What did you learn from watching your family members cook Thanksgiving dinner?

It’s more fun to make holiday meals a potluck affair, as it’s fun to see what everyone brings to the table.
Chef Michael Voltaggio


How did the Thanksgivings of your childhood inspire your recipes today? 

Dry turkey became the reason why I was determined to master the technique that would yield a moist and delicious bird.
Chef Michael Voltaggio


Does your mom or another family member still make something better than you? 

My mom will always be a better cook then me. – Chef Bryan Voltaggio

My mom makes everything better than me. – Chef Michael Voltaggio


Was this the first time you’ve cooked Thanksgiving dinner together? What was it like? 

No, we have cooked over the years together at various times. We have both lived in different cities and states since we left Frederick, our hometown, so it has been tough to get together for the holidays. However, I see many more in the future.
Chef Bryan Voltaggio


Bryan’s Recipes

 “This meal is one that truly reflects my style: familiar flavors using the best possible ingredients, executed with precise technique to achieve an exciting meal that tastes great.”


Traditional Roasted Turkey
Why did you season your turkey with mayonnaise?
The mayonnaise is similar to coating with oil. With the emulsifiers in the mayo –whether egg, mustard, or a combination of the two — it helps to adhere the oil to the bird. This yields a crispy, golden brown skin. Also, the mayonnaise locks the seasoning spices to the skin.
Chestnut and Chanterelle Dressing with Chive Biscuits
What inspired you to use biscuits in your dressing?
Biscuits are such an easy quick bread and they dry out very well. Since this holiday is usually a early morning start, if you plan to prepare and dry out your biscuits that morning, you can bake one or two for a morning snack.
Vanilla-Scented Sweet Potatoes
Why are you using vanilla bean in your sweet potatoes?
This is a nod to the classic marshmallow dish. I like the subtle undertone of the vanilla in this dish, and using the whole bean allows for that.
Caramelized White Chocolate and Pumpkin Cheesecake
If you don’t have a pressure cooker, how could you make this cheesecake with similar results?
Place the chocolate over a double boiler and constantly stir until the sugars caramelize. This will take a while; I vote for the easy way out!


Michael’s Recipes

“My menu utilizes modern tools and technology to serve a more organized and elevated holiday meal.”


Pressed Turkey Thighs with Crispy Maple Flake & Black Pepper Turkey Breast and Drumsticks
Why will a sous vide turkey be unlike any turkey your guests have ever tasted?
Because moist turkey is in.
Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with Sherry-Dijon Vinaigrette
What inspired you to combine Brussels sprouts and apples in your side dish? 
The sweet acidity of the apples provides another element of flavor — much like adding fruits to salads.
Traditional Mashed Potatoes
You kept side dish relatively simple. Why?
Because there are certain things on Thanksgiving you just don’t mess with.
Pine Nut Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla-Spiked Pineapple Confit
What inspired you to use pineapple in a Thanksgiving dessert? How does it stand up to other seasonal flavors?
Holiday desserts have a tendency to be over-sweet, so the pineapple is a great contrast for the date cake and toffee sauce.

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