Make the Most of the Season’s Best Fruit with this Handy Tool

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watermelon tap


Every good party deserves a stunning centerpiece. What if you could simply transform one of nature’s best summer party starters? Our watermelon tap kit makes turning a piece of fruit into a gorgeous punch delivery vehicle?


It’s easier than you might think. Follow the directions in this video to slice a firm base, scoop out the flesh using the included stainless-steel corer, cut a small hole, secure the tap, and fill with a tequila punch. Made from scooped-out fruit, plus fresh lime juice, elderflower liqueur, agave nectar and mint, it’s the most refreshing homemade drink you could make.



You could also go in a virgin or mocktail direction, of course, pureeing the fruit with lime juice, agave if it needs it, and tasting until it’s just right for a kids’ party. Whatever you do, use in-season, local watermelon if at all possible. It tends to be sweeter, more luscious, and more ruby-red. Nothing screams “summer” like this beauty.

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