Getting Married? Don’t Forget to Register for These Everyday Items

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If you’re planning nuptials later this year, you may have already signed up for a registry. If that’s the case, you’re probably looking forward creating the home you’ve always dreamed of together—complete with a stand mixer, fine china and all.


While we certainly don’t blame anyone for having the admittedly dreamy KitchenAid stand mixer and its full range of attachments at the top of the registry list, we have one small bit of advice: Don’t overlook signing up for everyday kitchen items as well. Some kitchenwares seem so obvious that they’re often forgotten, particularly when they’re lost amongst glitzier, more exciting fanfare. But trust us: you won’t regret refreshing and restocking the following essentials, especially as they become an everyday part of your married life.


Glass Tumblers

Glass Tumblers

You won’t go a day without drinking water, so why not make sure your kitchen is filled with attractive glasses that will encourage you to stay hydrated? Sure, you probably already own glasses, but it’s probably worth upgrading to a matching set of elegant yet casual tumblers. These glasses are as well-suited to water as they are to beer and wine, which makes them versatile enough for a range of occasion. Look for glasses that can also stack if you’re pressed for space.


Steak Knives

Steak Knives

Even if you don’t eat steak regularly, or any meat at all, steak knives are a handy tool to have on hand, as they can be useful for getting a clean cut on just about anything that’s on your plate, from whole cherry tomatoes to wraps and burritos. If entertaining is at all a part of your foreseeable future, register not for four but 12 of these knives, as a dozen is considered a complete table set.


Cutting Boards

Cutting Board

Cutting boards must be replaced occasionally, so adding an assortment of them to your registry isn’t a bad idea. Once a cutting board has accumulated a lot of deep grooves from repeated knife use, it’s time to replace it, as those grooves can trap moisture and jeopardize food safety. What type of cutting board to opt for—wood or plastic—depends entirely on your personal preference. Plastic boards are easier to sanitize than their wood counterparts, but also have a much shorter shelf life.


White Dinnerware


By all means, do indulge any desires you have for colorful and ornate formal china! But don’t let everyday dinnerware slip through the wedding registry cracks—you need something durable, lasting and timeless to eat on every night. For that, you can’t go wrong with a set of white porcelain dinnerware. Stock up on shallow soup bowls, too: They happen to work just as well for pastas, salads and desserts.


Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron Cookware

As you reach to scan a beautiful copper cookware set or a collection of state-of-the-art nonstick, don’t forget that some of the stove’s biggest workhorses are heavyweight cast iron cooking pieces. At least one heavyweight cast iron skillet, which is great for braising, baking, frying and everything in between, is a must.


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