Weekend Entertaining: Casual Summer Lunch

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When days are long and sunny and summer produce is at its peak, what more excuse do you need to gather friends around the table? Keep this season’s entertaining simple by inviting guests over for a light lunch instead of dinner. A daytime meal encourages a leisurely pace and uncomplicated menu.


Start with a pitcher of fresh lemonade, then serve sandwiches filled with those summer gems, heirloom tomatoes. A salad of sweet corn adds bright color and flavor, and berry-laced ice cream is the perfect refreshing finale. Rustic textures and Provençal-themed linens bring a special touch to the everyday table.


Fresh Honey Lemonade
Fragrant honey brings its distinct flavor to fresh lemons in this recipe, perfect for a luncheon. Serve in a glass pitcher with lemon rounds for extra color. Offer guests a glass of crisp white wine as well, if you like.
Crispy Prosciutto Caprese Panini
Made with fresh mozzarella cheese, basil oil and vine-ripened tomatoes, this panini is a fun play on the Italian caprese salad — and the addition of crispy prosciutto takes the toasty sandwich to a delicious new level. Arrange sandwich halves on textured, woven tray lined with napkins or parchment paper to pass around the table.
Shoestring Fries
These thin, crispy fries are the perfect accompaniment to a panini. For a fun presentation, stand them up in a tumbler glass lined with parchment paper and offer a glass to each guest.
Pan-Roasted Corn Salad with Tomatoes and Feta
Here, a blend of sweet corn and juicy tomatoes is tossed with fresh herbs, spiked with lime and enriched with salty feta cheese. Sprinkle additional minced herbs over the top for a fresh garnish.
Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream
Swirled with fresh raspberry puree, this ice cream can be made using a scratch ice cream recipe or an ice cream starter to save time. Serve in individual bowls with a few fresh berries on top.

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