Weekend Entertaining: Cozy Night In

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Chilly, relaxing weekends are the perfect times to gather friends and family for home-cooked meals that nourish the body and soul. Braised meats and sausages star in this menu, served over a bed of hearty pasta — comfort food at its most delicious, and guaranteed to please kids and adults alike. Garlic bread is perfect for soaking up extra sauce, and a light green salad provides fresh, tangy flavor. Finish the meal with biscotti, easy to make ahead and store, so it’s always on hand for after dinner snacking.


Create a cozy gathering with a simple patterned table runner, paired with chargers and serving pieces in natural materials and textures. Family-style serving keeps the atmosphere intimate and easy, fostering a sense of connection and companionship that comes from sharing good food with people we love.


Italian-Style Braised Pork Shoulder and Sausages
This dish is great when prepared a day in advance, so it’s easy to work ahead. Set out a trio of grated Parmesan, olives and minced herbs in small serving bowls so everyone can garnish the dish themselves.
Toasted Parmesan Italian Bread
Thanks to the addition of roasted garlic and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, this recipe takes garlic bread to a delicious new level. Place the bread in a natural woven basket for easy passing.
Green Herb Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette
Fresh herbs add a unique flavor twist to butter lettuce in this delicate salad, which is ideal for using whatever herbs you have on hand. A simple white serving bowl is easy to mix and match with other items and sturdy enough for everyday dining.
Hazelnut Biscotti
These twice-baked Italian cookies can keep for a few weeks when stored in an airtight container, so you can make them at your leisure. Kids will love dunking them in a glass of cold milk or hot chocolate, and adults can wash them down with a cup of coffee.


About the author: Olivia Terenzio grew up in Mississippi, where she cultivated a love of sweet potatoes, crawfish and cloth napkins at a young age. A passion for sharing food with friends and family led her into the kitchen and later to culinary school, where she learned how to roast a chicken and decorate a cake like a pro. As a Williams-Sonoma blog editor, she’s now lucky enough to be talking, writing and thinking about food all day.

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