Weekend Entertaining: Impromptu Summer Dinner Party

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Weekend Entertaining: Impromptu Summer Dinner Party

We’re all about casual entertaining this time of year — and that means fresh ingredients, good company and minimal time in front of the stove. Invite friends over for an elegant dinner party that takes almost no time to prep, making good use of summer produce and quick-cooking techniques. Our recipes and tips will show you how to pull it off.




Make the centerpiece of your meal a foolproof favorite: filet mignon. Our version is seared in a hot pan for just 10 minutes to form a beautiful crust, then topped with a bright herb-shallot butter for extra color and flavor.


On the side, combine two of summer’s best ingredients in this warm corn, tomato and arugula salad, which is as colorful as it is simple. Add fingerling potatoes tossed with pesto for something a little hearty.


Finish the meal with a plum crumble — it’s delicious and impressive, but can be thrown together in minutes. Let it bake while you enjoy the main course, and top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Weekend Entertaining: Impromptu Summer Dinner Party


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  • 1 to 2 hours ahead: Prep the fruit filling and the topping for your dessert, but keep them separate. Prep the ingredients for the salad and potatoes. If you’re making your own pesto, do it now. Make the herb butter and refrigerate.
  • 30 minutes ahead: Assemble the crumble. Bring your meat and herb butter to room temperature.
  • Just before serving: Cook the potatoes and toss with pesto. Saute and finish the salad. Sear the steaks and serve. As you sit down, put the crumble in the oven to bake.

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  1. Dorliza

    How do you prepare cuts of meat when you and your guest don’t won’t the meat to continue mooing or baa’ing? We prefer well done to a hint of pink.


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