Weekend Entertaining: Memorial Day Barbecue

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Weekend Entertaining: Memorial Day Barbecue

Invite your friends, fire up your grill and welcome summer with a backyard barbecue! A juicy grill-roasted chicken takes center stage in our new menu, served with flavorful sides and salads. Read on for our recipes and tips to pull off the party and savor that long-awaited warm weather.




Kick off the meal with a couple of seasonal hors d’oeuvres for snacking. These crostini combine pureed fava beans and mint for a taste of spring, and you’ll never go wrong with a platter of classic deviled eggs¬†— plenty of fresh herbs take our version to the next level.


A main course that allows proteins and vegetables to cook together is ideal for feeding a group, and it also saves time. Try this grill-roasted chicken with potatoes and bell peppers for an all-in-one crowd-pleasing meal. On the side, serve a mixed garden bean salad with three kinds of summer beans, creating a range of colors and textures.


Finish the meal with flaky turnovers made with fresh cherries in a toasty, buttery crust. Guests will love that you can eat them out of hand, but a scoop of ice cream is always welcome, too.


Weekend Entertaining: Memorial Day Barbecue


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  • 1 to 2 days ahead: Make the quick puff pastry for the dessert and refrigerate.
  • Day of: Make the puree for the crostini and refrigerate. Make the deviled eggs. Prep the chicken and vegetables for the main course. Make the garden bean salad and refrigerate. Assemble and refrigerate turnovers.
  • Just before serving: Grill the chicken. Assemble the crostini. Bake the turnovers.


Any outdoor gathering calls for a refreshing drink. Mix up a pitcher of this sparkling lemonade for everyone to enjoy, and check out our picks for spring beers and wines.


Arrange hors d’oeuvres on platters on a side table so people can snack as they mingle. When you’re ready to sit down, serve the food family-style around a table to keep the mood casual and fun. Or, invite guests to sit down and move around as they please; just stack plates and fill a caddy with flatware and napkins so everyone can help themselves.


You don’t need fancy linens for an outdoor party, but Memorial Day is the perfect time to break out your red, white and blue. A themed table runner or napkins are the perfect touch.

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