Weekend Entertaining: Picnic Primer

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Take one of your meals outside this weekend! Whether you’re sitting at a picnic table in a local park or on a blanket at the beach, dining outdoors can be leisurely and fun for families and groups of friends.


Customize your menu with the recipes below, all of which are easy to prepare ahead and take on the go. Our tips will have you enjoying a delicious, perfectly packed meal in no time.


Picnic-Planning Tips
Before you start cooking, check out these tips for packing a successful picnic. Learn what equipment you need — from the basket and blankets to salt and pepper shakers — and see tips for preparing food so it stays fresh and organized.
Refreshing drinks add a summery feel to outdoor gatherings. Pour beverages in a thermal jug to keep them cool. If desired, bring wine and durable glasses along for adults — don’t forget a corkscrew!
Pasta salads, grain salads, potato and chicken salads — these recipes have you covered. Pack them in a sealable container in a cooler to keep fresh, then serve on unbreakable dinner plates.
A picnic sandwich can be as luxurious and time-intensive as you want. (Think Pulled Pork Sandwiches versus a classic Reuben.) If you’re worried about a sandwich becoming soggy, pack bread and toppings separately and assemble on site.
Picnic Desserts
Bars, cookies, brownies and cupcakes all travel well, and they are easy to serve to a group — no forks necessary. Cut into serving sizes and pack in sealable containers.


Want to take your picnic to the next level? Bring a portable grill and do the cooking right there in the grass. This step-by-step guide will show you how.

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