Weekend Entertaining: Potluck Brunch

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Weekend Entertaining: Potluck Brunch

Simple and casual are the keys to summer entertaining, and a potluck brunch fits the bill perfectly. You prepare the main dish—two tarts that come together quickly but look impressive. Then, ask your guests to bring the rest of the food, including muffins and a refreshing salad. Now you can relax and enjoy the party!




Savory tarts are delicious and elegant, but with the help of store-bought puff pastry, they’re simple to make. These bacon-and-egg tarts are topped with crème fraîche, shredded cheese, crispy bacon and fried eggs for a beautiful breakfast treat. A seasonal tomato-basil version creates a fresh complement.


On the side, enjoy cider-glazed sausages and muffins flavored with fresh raspberries. A tangy, sweet salad with watermelon and feta adds a juicy, summery touch — and it’s guaranteed to be a hit with guests.


To drink, mix a pitcher of papaya and lime agua fresca, which is perfect for warm-weather sipping.


Weekend Entertaining: Potluck Brunch


Party Planner


  • Ask guests to bring the sides, salad and cocktails, and send them the recipes in advance (they’ll appreciate the guidance).
  • When everyone arrives, set out the food buffet-style for easy serving. Place flatware in a caddy so guests can take what they need, or wrap the pieces in napkins to create neat bundles you can stack by the plates. If your group is large, avoid traffic jams by setting up dedicated tables or areas for drinks and baked goods.
  • On the table, don’t forget to set out small bowls for accompaniments like compotes and jams and a dish for butter.
  • To complement the eggs, sausage and seasonal produce, serve a rich, medium-bodied white wine. Guests will appreciate a pot of freshly brewed coffee, too.
  • Bright flowers make a table look fresh and lively. This time of year, try cornflowers, daisies and sunflowers.

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