Weekend Entertaining: Super Bowl Party

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Satisfy hungry fans this weekend with a winning menu featuring game-day favorites like dips, chicken wings and spicy chili. You’ll score points when you offer guests cheesy corn bread and rich chocolate brownie cookies. Best of all, you can prepare the food in advance so you won’t miss the kickoff.




Start off the party with a couple of festive dips for snacking. A smoky red pepper hummus and classic guacamole are simple crowd-pleasers — just set out tortillas chips and vegetables for dipping. A platter of Asian-inspired chicken wings makes for easy eating — no forks necessary.
It wouldn’t be a Super Bowl party without a big pot of chili — or two. Try traditional beef chili with southwestern flavors, or offer a lighter version made with ground turkey and sweet potatoes. Entertaining vegetarians? This spicy chili is made with three kinds of beans, so you won’t miss the meat.
Corn bread is the perfect partner for chili. Our miniature versions are filled with gooey fontina cheese for an extra flavor boost. For something green to go with the meal, serve a creamy, tangy broccoli slaw.
Can’t decide between cookies and brownies? Our Chocolate Brownie Cookies cover all of your bases, with a soft center and nutty, chocolate-y flavor.


Party Tips


Work ahead this week so that when Sunday comes around, you’re ready to kick back with friends.

  • Tonight or tomorrow, bake the cookies and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.
  • On Saturday, make the slaw and allow it to marinate, covered overnight. If you like, bake the corn breads, too (they can be reheated before the party in a 250-degree oven). Make the chili, let cool, and refrigerate overnight — the flavors will develop further. You can also make the hummus.
  • Sunday morning, prep and marinate the chicken wings. Make the guacamole, and let the cookies come to room temperature. Just before the party, reheat the corn breads and chili, and cook the chicken wings right before guests arrive.


Serve your favorite brew in beer mugs or pilsner glasses. For a special touch, mix a Black and Tan to toast your team.


Chili beg for a bar of toppings. Set out bowls or ramekins of shredded cabbage, avocado chunks, grated cheese, tortilla strips and sour cream so everyone can customize their own bowls. Bring over that guacamole, too!


If guests are gathering on the sofa to watch the game, it makes sense to serve the chili in the kitchen. Place the corn breads in a napkin-lined basket to bring into the living room, along with the slaw.


Now you’re ready for kickoff! What’s on your Super Bowl menu?

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