Weekend Project: Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee

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Weekend Project: Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Saturday is National Coffee Day! Join us as we celebrate by exploring the finer points of brewing the perfect cup. No matter which methods, tools or techniques you prefer, here are our step-by-step guides for getting the best flavor out of each cup.


The Basics


There are as many ways to brew great coffee as there are coffee lovers. Here’s what you need to guarantee a perfect cup — any way you brew it.


The Purest Water: A cup of coffee is 97-99% water, so it makes sense to use the best. Always start with fresh, cold water — preferably filtered to guarantee purity.


The Best Beans: Begin with the finest and freshest coffee beans. Since roasting brings out the beans’ unique flavors and aromas, the freshness, quality and style of the roast are also key to a world-class cup.


The Right Grind: Preserve coffee’s essential oils by grinding the beans just before brewing — and be sure to use the proper grind for your brewing method. A burr grinder with adjustable settings gives the best results.


The Perfect Proportions: Use the proportions of ground coffee and hot water recommended by the Specialty Coffee Association of America: 10 grams of coffee per 6 oz. of water. Adjust the ratio for a stronger or weaker brew.


The Correct Temperature: Water should be just off a boil — between 195ºF and 205ºF. For most manual brewing methods, use a kettle to bring the water to a boil, then let it cool slightly before brewing.


The Ideal Brewing Time: Coffee’s character depends on how long the ground beans are in contact with the water. Depending on your brewing method, the ideal extraction time is approximately three to four minutes.


The Essential Equipment: In addition to the specific equipment for your chosen brewing method, you may also need:


The French Press


Professional coffee tasters are partial to the French press, insisting the plunger-style pot produces the freshest flavors. Here’s how it works.


The French Press

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The Single Cup


Artisanal coffee shops boast about brewing each cup to order, ensuring a hand-crafted cup made just to your liking. Find out how to produce similar results at home with just a few simple tools.


The Single Cup

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The Chemex


Our founder Chuck Williams swears by this method! With a cone-shaped filter on top, the Chemex makes it easy to brew and serve coffee in one vessel.


The Chemex

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The Moka Pot


The Moka pot makes it easy to brew espresso on the stovetop. In fact, it’s a staple in 90 percent of Italian homes. Learn how to pull it off below.


The Moka Pot

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