Weekend Project: Brew Your Own Beer

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Weekend Project: Brew Your Own Beer

There’s a new wave of craft brewers at work — right in their home kitchens. And why not? When you brew your own beer, you have complete control over the final flavor, and you’ll be proud to serve your home brews to friends. With our beer-making kits from Craft A Brew, it’s never been easier or more convenient! Keep reading to learn how to do it yourself.




Weekend Project: Brew Your Own BeerMalted Barley: In brewing, this is where the fermentable sugars come from. When you add yeast to unfermented beer, they convert the sugars to alcohol. Our kits contain malted barley extract, which is faster and more convenient than brewing with 100 percent grain. Using specialty grains adds flavor, complexity, and a depth of color to the finished brew.


Hops: Hops are used to balance the flavors in beer by adding bitter acids and oils in addition to the sweetness. Also, they are a natural preservative, giving beer a longer shelf life.


Water: Water is the main ingredient beer, so make sure yours is good quality —  you may want to filter it or buy spring water.


Yeast: Yeast is alive; it eats the sugar (malt) in beer and converts the sugar to alcohol. In the process, it also releases carbon dioxide, which carbonates the beer. Different strains of yeast yield different flavors, from fruity to spicy.




Our kit includes:

  • 1-gallon glass carboy
  • Funnel
  • Food-grade tubing with thumb clamp
  • Thermometer
  • Rubber stopper
  • 3-piece airlock
  • Curved racking cane for bottling
  • Brew bag with malt extract, specialty grains, hops, yeast and sanitizer


In addition to everything above, you’ll also need a large pot for brewing, a strainer, ice (10 pounds), and either 10 swing top bottles or regular glass bottles and caps (try our bottle capper kit)!


How to Brew


  1. Following the instructions in the included guide, add the ingredients to water in a large pot and bring to temperature for the required time.
  2. Cool your fresh wort (unfermented beer) and add it to the included carboy fermentor along with the yeast.
  3. Once the beer is done fermenting, bottle your fresh beer.
  4. After a brief time carbonating, chill and enjoy your custom craft beer!


Buy a beer kit and get started!

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