Weekend Project: Infused Oils

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Weekend Project: Infused Oils

We’ve shown how you can use our Mason Jar Infuser to create flavored spirits for cocktails, but did you know you could use it to infuse oils and vinegars, too? Just combine your favorite oil (olive, vegetable or another oil) with whatever flavors you like in the infuser, then seal it, shake it up, and leave it in a cool place for two weeks to infuse. There’s no limit to the ingredients you can use!


“We love to use fresh herbs, such as thyme, mint or basil, to infuse oils at home,” says Josh Williams, who co-founded the Mason Shaker and Mason Jar Infuser with his business partner, Eric Prum. “Your best bet is to pick whatever herb is most fragrant and in-season at the farmers’ market and use that in your infusion.”


Josh’s tip: be sure to use very fresh oil when infusing, as many oils will go stale after a few weeks of being open. That can ruin the clean flavors of the fresh ingredients you’re using to infuse them.


Ready to get started? Below is Josh and Eric’s recipe for Olio Santo, a Calabrian chile oil with a delicious kick. Josh says, “We use the Olio Santo to finish off a dish of grilled bread with sheep’s milk ricotta, honey and pistachios, to add a subtle note of heat to the final product.”


Olio Santo (Calabrian Chile Oil)

Olio Santo (Calabrian Chile Oil)


Calabria, the southern-most region of mainland Italy, produces some of the spiciest food in the country, including this slow-infused chile oil called Olio Santo. We keep this around all year, adding drops of flavorful heat to everything from homemade pasta to delivery pizza.


1/2 oz. dried Calabrian chiles (or similar)

8 oz. extra-virgin olive oil


Coarsely grind the dried chiles in a spice grinder or food processor. Combine with the olive oil in the infuser. Seal, shake and let sit in a cool, dark place for two weeks to allow the oil to infuse and the chiles to settle.


Use sparingly on finished dishes as you would use hot sauce. The infusion will keep for up to six months, stored in a cool, dark place. Makes 8 oz.

One comment about “Weekend Project: Infused Oils

  1. sel

    i have been working with infused oils using many different types of herbs, chili as well….
    bottom line, if you don’t keep this in the fridge, it will spoil…regardless of ‘cool; place.
    No one wants trouble. An easier way to cook with infused oil and a very quick method,
    just heat up your evoo and drop whatever herb or chili you want give it a few minutes
    to flavor the oil. remove your herbs and continue with your recipe.


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