Weekly Wrap-Up: 11/11-11/17


Weekly Wrap-Up: 11/11-11/17

In case you missed them, here’s a wrap up of our favorite blog posts of the week. Read, get inspired, and start cooking!


Ingredient Spotlight: Sweet PotatoesIngredient Spotlight: Sweet Potatoes
Sweet potatoes have the same hearty texture as regular potatoes, but they’re so much for flavorful, with a slightly sweet, earthy taste that only intensifies during cooking. Her are are top tips for choosing and working with sweet potatoes, plus some new ways to use them in the kitchen.
Recipe Roundup: Thanksgiving Vegetables & SidesRecipe Roundup: Thanksgiving Vegetables & Sides
Thanksgiving dinner is the perfect time to put a new spin on your favorite fall vegetables. Here, we update some classics: green bean casserole gets a homemade makeover, broccoli stars in a creamy gratin instead of potatoes, and cabbage leaves are filled with a savory stuffing. Get inspired!
Thai-Style Tofu and Butternut Squash CurryThai-Style Tofu and Butternut Squash Curry
Creamy and spicy, this intensely flavored dish is based on the pumpkin curry you find in Thai restaurants. Serve on a bed of nutty brown jasmine rice — it cooks in the same time it takes to make the curry.
A Dairy-Free Thanksgiving MenuA Dairy-Free Thanksgiving Menu
With a little creativity, you can make a show-stopping Thanksgiving dinner without any butter, cream or cheese. Instead of those staples, add interest to your dishes with flavors of bacon, fresh herbs and bold, tangy vinaigrettes — these recipes offer solutions for every course of the meal.
Step-by-Step Turkey PrepStep-by-Step Turkey Prep
Are you ready to take on the turkey this Thanksgiving? To help you prepare, we’ve gathered our tried-and-true tips for seasoning and roasting your bird, step by step.
Q&A with Graham Case, Beverage Manager at Blackberry FarmQ&A with Graham Case, Beverage Manager at Blackberry Farm
This year we partnered with Tennessee’s Blackberry Farm to create a Thanksgiving menu inspired by new recipes and old rituals. Here, we ask Beverage Manager Graham Case all about the four festive cocktails he created for our feast.
Deconstructed Apple Crisp with Buttermilk Ice CreamDeconstructed Apple Crisp with Buttermilk Ice Cream
This recipe gives the classic apple crisp a creative makeover: The topping is transformed into oatmeal cookies that are served on top of the apple filling in individual bowls. A scoop of buttermilk ice cream adds the perfect finishing touch.
Make-Ahead Thanksgiving MenuMake-Ahead Thanksgiving Menu
On Thanksgiving, savor time with friends and family instead of juggling a dozen different dishes by planning ahead, and by choosing dishes you can work on well in advance. Here, we’ve put together a full menu of delicious recipes that allow you to prep early on, adding special finishing touches at the last minute.
10 Cocktails for Thanksgiving10 Cocktails for Thanksgiving
Kick off your Thanksgiving feast with a festive toast. These well-balanced cocktails are inspired by the best of the season’s ingredients, infused with fresh herbs and fruit. What better way to celebrate the Thanksgiving bounty?
Farm-to-Table Cooking at Blackberry FarmFarm-to-Table Cooking at Blackberry Farm
At Tennessee’s Blackberry Farm, the seasons and gardens guide the menus and inspire the dishes on the dinner table. To learn more about Blackberry Farm’s unique “Foothills Cuisine,” we talked to proprietor Sam Beall, who shared his garden and culinary philosophies.
Risotto with Taleggio, Radicchio & Red WineRisotto with Taleggio, Radicchio & Red Wine
In this refined risotto, the seared radicchio, which tastes slightly bitter, is balanced by the creamy Taleggio, a washed-rind cow’s milk cheese with a mild flavor. It melts easily, making it a wonderful addition to risotto or polenta. Gently swirl in the cheese just before serving.
Weekend Project: Gruyere & Caramelized Onion Pull-Apart BreadWeekend Project: Gruyere & Caramelized Onion Pull-Apart Bread
This savory, cheesy onion loaf is made by layering yeasty bread dough and caramelized onions with shredded Gruyere and fresh herbs. Once baked, it pulls apart easily into individual slices, so it’s easy to serve and share — and the flavors are just right for a fall feast.
Recipe Roundup: Green BeansRecipe Roundup: Green Beans
Green beans are one of the many great — and delicious — Thanksgiving traditions. Here are some of our favorite side dishes featuring green beans (hint: you don’t have to save them for the holiday feast)!
How to Fry a TurkeyHow to Fry a Turkey
Frying the Thanksgiving turkey has caught on, and it’s easy to see why: the skin becomes dark and crispy, while the meat remains tender and juicy. Here are tips for pulling it off at home, plus a recipe from the team at Blackberry Farm.
Party Planner: A Blackberry Farm ThanksgivingParty Planner: A Blackberry Farm Thanksgiving
This year we partnered with Tennessee’s Blackberry Farm to create a Thanksgiving menu inspired by new recipes and old rituals. Here, we have all the recipes and entertaining tips you need to recreate it at home.


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